22 April, 2005

Smile of the Day: Vatican Blitzkrieg Bop

I have to say I hesitate to include this, not out of tasteful considerations, you know me better than that! But because I can't remember the phrase verbatim.....

On tonight's BBC topical panel pseudo-game "Have I Got News For You" there was some talk about the new Pope, joltin' Joe Ratzinger. There was an undoubtedly scripted observation from the guest presenter along the lines of "once again the Germans have quickly taken over from a Polish authority."

I'm really sorry I can't remember the quote right, but hell, I was too amused to write it down at the time. Other pope related stuff on the show had Paul Merton referring to him at first ironically saying he has kind eyes, and then progressing to mentioning his "killer's eyes" everytime a picture of JR-B16 was shown.

I may as well drop in a few other thoughts about the papacy (like as a jew-ish guy, it's any of my business, my wife's family are English Roman Catholics). Whatever my objections to JP2's stand on contraception/AIDS prevention, etc. I do credit him for the dignity in his passing, and perhaps a little bit grateful that this example of facing the inevitable peacefully came at a time when Jihad is being waged on behalf of Terri Schiavo et.al. (On the other hand, didn't he or one of his minions coin the dreaded "culture of life" phrase?)

I was also surprised, and greatly disappointed, that the British Papers were so restrained and that none of the tabloids used "Pope Pops" as their headline. Apropos of almost nothing, I was also wondering if Benedictines do benediction, do Carmelites caramelize? do Jesuits Jezzercise? (possibly to Cistercians are doin' it for themselves?) Transubstantiate your replies, here, under "Comments"



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