03 February, 2012

My Annual Bafta Annoyance 2012: Strike Two

Having cocked up the timing in my first attempt to get my campaign (to get BAFTA to drop their rule that lets them nominate movies unreleased in the UK during the year under consideration) some air time on the Kermode and Mayo's Film Review radio show and podcast, I thought I'd have a second crack of the whip with this more brief note to the show:

Sent: 03 February 2012 13:39
Subject: Kermode and Mayo's Film Review: Am I being greedy?

Dear VHS and Beta,

It was sod's law when I sent in an email to your show last week (see below), about my pedantic issue with the arbitrary BAFTA rules, not five minutes later an unrelated posting by myself was read out on your show.  It was just my two penneth about Woody Allen's latest which I'd left on your Facebook page on a thread calling for views on the top 10.    Unexpectedly my sister in law then phoned my wife to ask if I hadn't anything better to do than to pester radio shows with my opinions.

Now, I appreciate I should have sent that email in a more timely fashion.  Given that this paltry issue regarding the BAFTA's is still dear to my heart, I'd still like you to consider it.  I appreciate that you've a large audience and giving me another airing, albeit on another subject, and not that anyone, save my sister in law might notice, may be asking too much, but I leave it up to your judgement, and how much space you've available in your all too brief show.


Brian Tarnoff (still the second best middle aged amateur Film Critic in the New Forest -- 2011) 

I left the previous email attached at the bottom, assuming they wouldn't remember/keep it from last week.  Well, this got me all of nowhere.  I know it's purely a crap shoot as to whether I can tweak the interest of the producers, staff or presenters of the show.  It's nine days to the BAFTA's, so I only have one more go for this year.

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