05 April, 2006

Smile of the Day: Real Italian Pizza

I've been meaning to mention this for some time, one of those jump the shark TV ads that dropped briefly from our British airwaves, but which is now back with a vengeance. Very simple, innocuous ad for frozen pizza, branded Pizza Ristorante. Set up, just a couple apparently eating pizza in an italian restaurant, clearly shot for the Euro market, no dialogue, a supposed kicker when they pullback at the end to show that the couple are sitting at a table on a bridge (to emphasize having a pizza any time any place, erm assuming you have means of heating same, or like your ice lollies pepperoni flavored). But that's just poorly judged supposedly amusing ad-stuff.

Over this, as in most Euro ads is a voice over talking about the convenience of the pizza, just like eating in an Italian Ristorante, as it finishes describing the Real Italian Pizza....

Another voice over intones the ad tag "By Dr. Oetker!!"

Germany's Birdseye, Dr. Oetker, is pretty much unknown to me, and I suspect many of you. Not to Hun bash, but perhaps we can next expect the taste of Real Brazilian Pizza... by Dr. Mengele.



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