29 January, 2009

Smile of the day: Cello Scrotum vs. the Brain Cloud

BBC NEWS | Health | Peer reveals 'cello scrotum' hoax

What strikes me here, and not in a teabagging kind of way, is the flippant attitude of the spokesman for the British Medical Journal on clearing up the 1974 hoax:

"Once these things get into the scientific literature, they stay there for good. But it all adds to the gaiety of life."

Cello Scrotum may not be the worst hoax prognosis to receive, but consider the sufferers of "Brain Cloud". It is characterized by no symptoms, has no cure, yet leads to death within six months. At least one Brain Cloud sufferer chose to end his life as a sacrifice to an angry volcano god rather than suffer the final throes of this disease. That's hardly adding to the gaiety of life!

Pity those misdiagnosed with Andromeda Strain, Bone-itis, T-Virus, Pedlar's Limp, and Progressive Retroform Cooties. The Institute for Diseases of the Extremely Gullible seeks your donations now!

Bonus Smile: Picture the glee of the poor web journo who put together the story for the BBC web site inventing the Sub-heading: "Scrotal Flak".



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