29 January, 2010

WTF? Pink Floyd album cover issued as stamps

From BBC News:

Classic album covers issued as stamps

I have a slight question about this. Which Pink Floyd cover would you have included?

Division Bell is striking but really? Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals all much more iconic. Even Meddle, Wish You Were Here, and Delicate Sound of Thunder have better covers. Disregarding the WTF?!? about this choice, this is by no measure one of Floyd's better albums.

Ziggy Stardust probably isn't the best Bowie cover either, but at least it's a great album.

Bonus Smile: The cake on the cover of Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed was baked by a young Delia Smith!

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At 02 February, 2010 11:14, Blogger Brian R Tarnoff said...

From comments posted elsewhere, and further research: Dark Side of the Moon was exempted because the black field would not have shown a post-mark well. At least Division Bell was done by the designer who did most of Pink Floyd's covers. It's too bad they couldn't have used the 30th anniversary DSotM release which was the original cover strikingly recreated in stained glass with a deep chartreuse for the black, and the shadows of trees outside the window.


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