30 October, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front: The War on Mime Terror Continues

A Hertfordshire woman was set free this evening, having been taken hostage by the political wing of the LIMF(London International Mime Festival). She had been imprisoned for 60 days in an imaginary box. Police have said she was rendered speechless with what they're calling "Marceau Syndrome". She was unable to comment.

A crack team of Police Interpretative Dancers stormed the terrorists' heavily fortified Covent Garden pitch. After walking against a stiff, but non-existent wind, the team were nearly foiled with abashed pathos when the mime leader offered them his heart. After retaliating with gestures suggesting Cupid firing a bow and arrow, Police Marksman and Lighting Designer Lieutenant "Gaffer" Miller commented, "A mime is a terrible thing to waste."

In a related story, the Surreal IRA have made their demands known for homerule by leprechauns, all statues of James Joyce to be made of cheese, and singing fish canonized bucket october dentist.

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At 30 October, 2010 12:52, Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

The police were far too gentle with those annoying and affected people.


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