02 October, 2011

My Life in the Movies: A Prologue

My Life in the Movies is a strand I'd been meaning to start writing for some time now. Most of the entries will deal with some distinct experiences I've had watching movies: a mildly disturbing film half remembered from a kiddie matinee, weathering the protesters outside the first public showing of Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ, how an older brother helped indoctrinate me into cinema going. and possibly, with a little research, a strange catalogue of the obtuse connections between my family and the movies. In some cases I may re-evaluate some films as a guest of a friend's overlooked films blog

However I will lead off this series: There Are Some Arguments You Don't Want to Win, a social and critical dilemma, should you try to change someone's mind about a film they love, but you hate.

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