19 March, 2012

Back-B-Log: Catch-Up: New Forest Film Festival 2011 Wrap Up

I've gotten around to finishing all articles relating to the 2011 New Forest Film Festival, a series of events at which I both volunteered and puntered and more.   I love the idea of having this Film Festival on my doorstep in the forest, and want to help it succeed.  After an excellent taster evening in 2010, the 2011 Festival was the first with a full program, and it is an encouraging building block for the future.

It was immediately before my three week trip to the States, and much of the time since has been devoted to preparing then caring for the litter of puppies who are now four months old and, except for the lovely Anya, have gone to wonderful and loving homes (Anya has stayed in our wonderful and loving home) -- which is why this job lot are so late for completion, the puppies ate my homework.

13/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: Project Nim: Responsibility and Mind
17/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: The Americanization of Mary
17/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: Shock Treatment
18/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: The Ghost That Never Returns
18/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: Vehicle of Horrors - The Sequel!!!
18/09/11 New Forest Film Festival 2011: My Playlists

If you've ended up here because you Googled the Festival, be warned, I do go on a bit.  Of course, whether you care for my self referential musings is your problem.  Feel free to dip in and out of them as you wish.

I also was short listed (1 of 2) for this years New Forest Film Festival Critic of the Year (over 18). Here's my review as entered for The Brothers Bloom, as well as two other essays I considered submitting, a clip of the awards presentation, and my Critic's Cut of my review (including the bits that were over the submission's 500 word limit).

11/09/11 Review: The Brothers Bloom: The Sum of Its Parts
12/09/11 Fantasy Reviews: Mamma Mia! as directed by Michael Haneke
12/09/11 The Last Picture Show as Reviewed By A Critic With an Axe To Grind Over This Gimmick of Black and White
17/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: And the Winner...
19/09/11 New Forest Film Festival: The Brothers Bloom Review = The Critic's Cut

Here's a couple of tangentially related pieces, the strangely negative effect of Richard O'Brien on my existence, and why you shouldn't disabuse people of their love for a film that you patently know is wrong (which casually mentions my role in the winning team at the NFFF Film Quiz)

13/11/11 My Life in the Movies: Richard O'Brien , Unintentionally My Nemesis
13/11/11 My Life in the Movies: There Are Some Arguments You Don't Want to Win

As I perversely prefer them to be posted to the dates when either I started writing them, or more relevantly  chose to post them, this means they don't show up as the latest thing  in the arbitrarily chronological feed of this blog, hence this catch up round up.  If any of you gluttons for punishment particularly enjoy the above, you may be interested in my former festival experience, when, as a young IT consultant, I crashed the Cannes Film Festival, starting with Back-B-log 1990: Cannes - Dread And Victory (I.a.To Cannes (and hell)).

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