01 February, 2010

Back-B-Log: Ex-Pat 20th Anniversary Countdown

On the 10th of February 1990 I landed at London Heathrow, work-permit in hand after my earlier near deportation, to begin 4 years on work permit, which has been followed, so far by 16 years as a permanent resident. After a jet lagged sleep crash I awoke the next day to the news of Nelson Mandela walking free. It seemed the start of an era.

And so, in honour of that era, and in the mood to recycle, I will be rescuing from the vaults some articles from my own personal pre-blog newsletter home to the states, charting my first few years of Brit-hood. A purely self indulgent enterprise: the Tuesday Express / American Defendant/Voyeur only lasted two issues, by which point I had gained a social life, found what turned out to be true love, and started doing impro, and thereafter lost if not the pretensions to diarist, then time in which to produce such guff. The masthead read "In fits, we print!", so the lapse may be understandable.

I will also fit in the story of the months leading up to the start of my grand adventure, which I meant to write up back then, and well, haven't gotten round to yet. And so we'll time warp the next ten days for twenty years.

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