04 October, 2011

Smile of the day: Contagion: missed tag line opportunities

Missed tag line opportunities:

Contagion: The Feel Symptomatic Movie of the Year
Contagion: Tell 2-6 people to go see it.
Contagion: Go sit in a public place with hundreds of strangers so we can tell you why you shouldn't sit in a public place with hundreds of strangers.
Contagion: If you dislike Gwyneth Paltrow, the most fun you've had since Se7en.
Contagion: OCD? --> DVD!
Contagion: Expect the unexpectorant!
Contagion: Ok, Al Gore could probably have done the same thing in Powerpoint.

And Coming Soon:
Real Steel: Rock'em Sock'em Robots -- The Movie!

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At 26 October, 2011 04:17, Blogger Chuck Esola said...

Just when you thought it was safe to sneeze....

At 26 October, 2011 11:20, Blogger Brian R Tarnoff said...

Good one, and gesundheit!

At 13 November, 2011 18:56, Blogger Brian R Tarnoff said...

Contagion: It's not the cough that takes you off --
It's the coffin they take you off in!


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