18 April, 2006

Smile of the Day meets Art Irritates Life: Kublai Kane Universally Challenged

On tonight's episode of University Challenge, a Cambridge student incorrectly answered a question about the name of Charles Foster Kane's reclusive ginormous mansion in the film Citizen Kane, i.e. Xanadu.

The incorrect answer was San Simeon.

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At 13 August, 2006 02:43, Blogger David said...

Interesting ramblings in your blog. BTW, when you list among your favorite music Sweeney Todd, do you mean the musical by Stephen Sondheim? Or do you mean something else? I'd think the latter by your other listings of favorite music.

I did actually mean Sweeney Todd. But I still enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek sense of humor (or should I say humour?


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