17 January, 2007

Back-B-Log: Snarks on a Plain

Despite the fact that I have yet to see the Samuel L Jackson opus, Snakes on a Plane (hoping to catch it as an in-flight pic), I wrote the following obsessive sadsters list in reply to an internet challenge for new movie concepts in a similar vein. Naturally I forgot to submit this to the challenger in a timely fashion, but waste not want not.....

Coming Soon to Your Multiplex: with all the marketing subtlety of "Snakes on a Plane":
So obvious, it's probably already in production:
Sharks in a Pool

Mel Gibson's next Biblical outing:
Snake in a Garden
(perhaps to be followed by "Jonah in a Whale", not to mention the retitled re-release of "Christ on a Stick", or now also "Pregnant Mayan in a Hole")

Pixar's Next:
Anthropomorphized Objects in an Evocative Dilemma

Baz Lurman's first Disney kiddie flick:
Chimps in a Disco

The new Tolkien film:
Elves on a Rampage

Tolkien Porn:
Hobbits in Leather

The new teen gross-out/sex comedy:
Dorks in the Gym

Lawyers in an Abatoir
Dentists in a Tiger pit
Actuaries in an Oubliette
Certified Public Accounts on a 103/20D Profits Disclosure Form

Some Existing Classics that do what they say they will:
Murder in the Cathedral (should that be renamed to Murder in 'A' Cathedral)
Little House on the Prarie
Devil in a Red Dress
Murder on the Orient Express
Down and Out in Paris and London
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Some classics artfully retitled:

Glass in a Menagerie
Rain on a Plain (My Fair Lady)
Blood at a Wedding
Finnegan in a Wake



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